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Our Story

Antone and Marie Raymus were fiercely committed to their local communities. Their vision for the future was powered by their faith, love, and compassion for others. We at the Antone E. & Marie F. Raymus Foundation honor our namesake by striving to support and empower the very communities that help define us.

The Antone E. & Marie F. Raymus Foundation was established in 1989 by Antone and Marie Raymus to help assist their community.

Where we began…

Mr. and Mrs. Raymus began their philanthropic endeavors in the late 80’s with the founding of the Antone E. & Marie F. Raymus Foundation. The foundation was launched with the goal of enacting positive social change within Manteca and the surrounding San Joaquin County. These positive changes to shape in issues of food security, education, women and children in need, and much more.

Where we are now…

The Antone E. & Marie F. Raymus Foundation has been funding community needs for over a quarter century with millions of dollars in grants in the last year alone. We have expanded our grant funding focus from only the San Joaquin County and we now award grants throughout the entire Central Valley of California.

Where we are headed…

Our long-term goals at the Antone E. & Marie F. Raymus Foundation are to elevate our commitment to community to far greater heights! We hope to increase our total number of grantees annually and maintain our same lofty standard of impact with organization near and far. We aspire to act as a beacon for those seeking help and support in their local communities. Those of us at the Antone E. & Marie F. Raymus Foundation strive to honor the faith, love, and compassion of our namesake continue their legacies as stewards of civic duty.

Our 2021-22 grant application window is now open. Applicants may submit grant applications from now until February 28th, 2022. All applications submitted after this date will be discarded. Approved grantees from the previous 2020-21 grant cycle must also submit financial reporting from their previous grant (via email or postage to the Foundation Coordinator) by the same deadline of February 28th, 2022. Failure to do so will exempt you from funding for the 2021-22 grant cycle. Please contact our office for further questions or clarification. We look forward to your grant application. Thank you.

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