Our 2021-2022 grant window is now closed. Grant applications will be reviewed and approved grants will be dispersed in September of 2022. 2020-2021 Grantees should submit financial reporting for past grant funding immediately. Applicants may submit new grant applications for the 2022-2023 cycle beginning again starting November 1st, 2022. Please contact our office for further questions or clarification. We look forward to reviewing your grant application. Thank you.

Antone and Marie Raymus Foundation
544 E Yosemite Avenue, Manteca, CA 95336
info@raymusfoundation.org | (209) 823-3148

The Foundation will likely not approve grant applications if for:

-Employee recruitment, hiring, training, salary, or other related costs
-Property rent, utility bills, office supplies, or other related costs
-Raising awareness or advertisement initiatives such as but not limited to social media, television, or print media
-Funding to be given to a separate third-party organization
-University scholarships
-Retroactive costs accrued by the organization such as but not limited to debt, operating deficits, previously funded initiatives
-Loans to organizations or individuals
-Organizations engaging in discriminatory policies or practices

The Foundation will strongly consider grant application funding if:

-Funds are used for physical or tangible needs.
-Funds expand the organization’s physical capacity to help others (Ex: A food pantry requests funding for a van to transport food or industrial refrigerator to store food. Not the purchase of food.)
-Funds are for an organization that exclusively impacts residents of the San Joaquin County and Stanislaus County
-Funds have a direct impact and immediate impact with the stakeholders they seek to help
-Funds help stakeholders in an area of personal focus for our Foundation such as education, healthcare, homeless, etc.
-Funding use is thoroughly outlined in an itemized list with associated costs. Specificity is key!